It was the Grand-Duchess Elizabeth, wife of Alexander, eldest grandson of Catherine II., and as Mme. Le Brun muttered, It is Psyche! she came to meet her, and with the most charming courtesy said that she had so longed to see her that she had even dreamed of her, and detained her talking for some time. A few moments afterwards Lisette found herself alone with the Empress Catherine.

TWO years after her marriage the Duchesse dAyen had a son who, to her great grief, lived only a few months, and whose death was followed by the birth of Louise, called Mlle. de Noailles, Adrienne Mlle. dAyen, Thrse Mlle. dEpernon, Pauline Mlle. de Maintenon, and Rosalie Mlle. de Montclar.

It was then she made her well-known answer to Bailly, Jai tout vu, tout su, et tout oubli.

Have as much prudence as I will have courage, but calm your head.